Satisfied Clients

  • Nanci has excellent time management when responding to contracts and ongoing negotiations.
  • Nanci Liferís professional BPOís are easily read and well researched through up-to-date resources that hold integrity in the value stated.
  • Her organized office skills, clean looking contracts, and appealing signage on site represent the credit unionís polished image very well.
  • She is timely in her follow ups via email, fax, research and phone.
  • Nanci takes pride in knowing the market and target areas. She strategically promotes listings based on location, demographics and population.
  • Nanciís negotiation skills are amazing; especially when she represents both Seller and Buyer fairly.
  • She always goes above and beyond to stay informed of the laws and looks out for the credit unionís best interest.
  • She has given reliable referrals when needed for cleaning inside/outside, general maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, etc.
  • Nanci always takes time to explain the forms and process and listens well to comments, note-taking and feedback.
  • Nanci is a great motivator and constantly holds each party responsible while on task to complete any given item.
  • She communicates clearly with all staff including credit union management and title companies.
  • She is very honest in presentation of self and not pushy to make a sale just to meet her own agenda.
  • When something doesnít work as it should Nanci doesnít panic under pressure, she rises to the challenge and finds solutions. She never gives up!
  • Nanci examines each property individually and provides constructive feedback as to how best to sell any property.
  • She is always prepared before going to closing that everything has been attended to.
  • She is always attentive and charming in demeanor.

"Weber State Credit Union can always count on Nanci Liferís professional work ethic when representing the credit unionís interest! On any given challenge Nanci has resiliently kept the deals intact and she always offers trustworthy and reliable guidance from start to finish. Nanci is a charismatic, flexible and fun individual to work with.Ē

ďWeber State Credit Union promotes Nanci Lifer as an honest-one-of-a-kind realtor in the Utah Real Estate industry.Ē

"Youíre a one-of-a-kind wonderful Ė and without a doubt appreciated. Thanks for all your help during the buying process!"~Diane & Don

"Nanci, Thank you x100!! You have really made this home buying process a wonderful experience. You were always available even when we had the silliest of questions, reassuring and confident. You had our best interest at heart and it showed through your kindness. You are always welcome in our home and we can not wait to have you over for dinner sometime! Youíre the best,"~Matt & Michelle

"Nanci -- Thanks for your support on our sale of our Liberty property. It must be the right thing for us to do because everything went so quickly and without issues. Or maybe that is because you were making it all happen. Thanks again."~Steven and Vicky

>"I am fortunate to have the opportunity of working with Nanci Lifer in the escrow side of her transactions. Nanci is always so professional in representing her clientís need. She is always thorough and knowledgeable throughout the closing process. Nanciís clients certainly are much more than just a client to her but a long term friend. I find that Nanci has such a high level of ethics and customer service. Nanciís abilities certainly make the escrow part of the transaction easier because I can always depend on her. I truly value our relationship and those of her clients."~Sue H., Sr. Escrow Officer

"Nanci has served my as my real estate agent, selling about 6 properties for me during my tenure. I find Nanci extremely attentive to details. She provides me with current market analysis upon request. She lists my properties accurately and sell the property within a very short period of time. I would recommend Nanci to anyone." ~Dennis Dallinga, Receiver for Clear Day Capital, Inc.